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Barbara Rowland – Honey with Extra

She had the skills and the bees. Then, she found the spice

Barbara Rowland started crafting flavored honey in Memphis, Tennessee in 2013. Her husband, Mike, loves spicy food, and this got her to thinking: maybe she could make a spicy hot honey. Mrs. B searched high and low for the right peppers, and she found them in Brazil. The honey was a hit.

Now that she had spicy honey, she wondered how much further she could go! She added cinnamon to honey and her family and friends raved. Mrs. B’s Flavored Honey was born.

Mrs. B spent years perfecting her extraordinary honey. She still expertly crafts each small batch by hand! Every jar is packed with love, and Mrs. B hopes you enjoy every delicious bite.

Spread it on biscuits, waffles, and toast. Try a spoonful on your oatmeal. It’s delicious in tea and coffee! Spread it on top of a baked sweet potato or hot vegetables. Add some to softened cream cheese for a fruit dip. Spread it on crescent rolls before baking to make sweet cinnamon rolls! Try it as a glaze for chicken or ham.

Mrs. B lives in Germantown with her husband. She has two daughters, Ashley and Amber. When she isn’t making honey, you might find her hanging out with her grandson or her two giant dogs.

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