GIFT in Saddle Creek is the continuation of a highly successful Christmas popup shop last year. Gift is a collective retail venture with the costs of operating the store shared among all the designers, artisans, and makers selling their work there.

Selling at GIFT Saddle Creek gives you a convenient retail presence to service the local market and introduce your brand to new local customers. Operating as a store-within-a-store, each designer will have dedicated space to showcase their brand to the world.

About Germantown, Tn


Each selling designer will pay a monthly lease rate plus 20% commission on each item sold. Designers who work in the store at least 16 hours per month will get a reduction in the commission rate to 10% for all items sold the next month.


Display Options

GIFT is using a store-within-a-store concept with each designer having their own dedicated display space. Designers are responsible for merchandising your store, having appropriate signage, and keeping it stocked with products.

We’re having the boutique units built for us and they will be similar to those in the photos below. There are a variety of fixture options that can be used with them including shelves, face-out bars, hooks, etc. These units are being built locally and be similar to those shown on the application. The boutique units won’t be ready when the store opens so if you choose one of these units you have the option of bringing your own fixture until they are ready.

Food brands have the option of leasing a boutique space or they can opt to be co-located with other food brands in the food secion on ventilated wire shelving the same as we had in the Christmas popup.

For detailed information, please carefully read the Designer Information. Complete the form below to apply.

NOTE: Completing this form assumes that you have read and understand all of the terms and conditions in the Designer Information document linked above.